How to choose a coconut oil?

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How to choose the right coconut oil?

Since ancient times, coconut oil has been known for its useful properties. It is used to maintain active body tone, improve skin condition and even get rid of many serious health problems. And experts confirm that this is really true. But it is necessary to mention that only a quality product is the basis for excellent health, and in other cases – it's just «money down the drain». Coconut oil is produced in various ways, because it has different properties and costs also differently. How to be clear upon this issue and choose a valuable product? Is it worth to overpay? Let's investigate this issue.

Coconut oil is obtained in several ways – by extraction and pressing methods.

  • In the first option, the raw material is poured with hexane or gasoline, and the resulting mass is subjected to evaporation. In this way, in most cases, refined oil is obtained, which is sold in most shops and pharmacies.
  • In the second option, the crushed mass of the coconut is placed under the press. It can be made by cold pressing (Extra Virgin), and also by hot pressing – when the chips are preheated. Cold pressing is a more labour intensive and time-consuming process, but the whole product benefits remain inside, so the cost of coconut oil of cold pressing fully justifies itself.

The Coconut oil produced by any of the methods can be unrefined and refined.

  • Refined oil (the label will be marked by the words: Refined coconut oil or RBD) obtained with multi-stage purification, resulting in a neutral product to taste and smell with a light color. Triglycerides in this oil remain unchanged, but the biological value, compared with the unrefined, is slightly lower. It can be used with or without heat treatment.
  • Unrefined product (Unrefined) is cleaned only from mechanical particles, and the useful substances remain unchanged inside. At the same time, the oil retains its natural color, aroma, pronounced taste, as well as nutritional and biological value. However, it is not necessary to fry, since the value of the composition is lost at a temperature of over 137 degrees.


100% Нерафинированное (Extra Virgin) кокосовое масло "Паттайя СПА" холодного отжима.

Trust only the mark Organic. It means that you have in your hands the product, raw materials of which are grown without the use of synthetic fertilizers, growth regulators, GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms), any artificial techniques for improving the properties. It confirms that coconuts are grown exclusively on the basis of natural methods, that is, the product is completely safe, clean and does not contain any hazardous particles. It is important that such a mark of ORGANIC can be obtained only by passing a complex and rather rigid certification procedure.

If there are no special marks on the label, but simply the writing Coconut Oil, then before you, the product obtained by hot pressing or a mixture of refined and unrefined oil.

Where to buy coconut oil?

Pattaya SPA offers you only high-quality unrefined («Extra Virgin») coconut oil of cold pressing. The product leads in the number of nutrients, fully absorbed and acts immediately upon first application. Cold pressing is the only way to preserve the benefits of oil and its naturalness, and it is the guarantee of efficiency. Of course, such oil is not cheap, but it is justified, because it has the highest biological value, and for the use you need just a small amount.

«Pattaya SPA» carefully and with love cares about your health and strives to treasure it, to support and extend youth. All products that we offer you are completely safe and effective compositions that meet strict International Standards and have Сertificates.

You can order the coconut oil online with delivery in any city of Kazakhstan – Almaty, Astana, Karagandy, Shymkent, Pavlodar, Atyrau, Aktau, and aslo Bishkek or any other locality.

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