1. Hammam 30 min
2. Body Scrub 30 min
3. Thai massage 60 min

The detox-program with the distinguishing effect of skin rejuvenation.

Massage - spa treatments in Almaty | Thai SPA PattayaSpa.kz

- take a steam bath in infrared sauna:

Infrared sauna - spa treatments in Almaty | Thai SPA PattayaSpa.kz

modern way of revitalizing cleansing for beautiful skin of your body, superior to other kinds of steam rooms according to the degree of the detox-effect;

- aroma salt scrub: sea salt exfoliating and simultaneously nourishes the skin with sea minerals, restoring its elasticity; almond oil makes the skin smooth and supple;

- aromatic oils: have a positive effect on the nervous system;

Aromatic oils thai traditional massage in Almaty

- traditional thai massage:

Thai traditional massage - spa treatments in Almaty | Thai SPA PattayaSpa.kz

- for lymphatic drainage and toning effects;

- gives vigor;

- relieves tension, reduces pain;

- resulting in skin tone, improves skin elasticity, helps to cleanse and rejuvenate;

Regular Thai massage treatments will make you forget about stress and tension, help to stay in good shape, to regain a feeling of lightness and unforgettable comfort.

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