“Sea energy”

1. Peeling 60 min
2. Neck-collar area massage 30 min
3. Thai massage 60 min
4. Foot massage 30 min

Get ready for new exploits, because you deserve only the best!

Combines in itself:

- Peeling:

Купание в хаммаме Алматы | Тайский СПА салон PattayaSpa.kz

path to the perfection of your skin. Get rid of dead cells, hidden impurities that can prevent your skin from breathing. Thanks to peeling, your skin will become soft, smooth and radiant, as if renewed with new forces.

- Neck-collar area massage:

gives relief and freedom. Tension and stress accumulated during the day will give way to harmony and relaxation. Enjoy a moment of relaxation as our expert therapists stretch and relax every muscle in your neck and shoulders.

- Thai massage:

the art of spiritual and physical perfection. Saturated with energy and carefully honed by tradition, Thai massage will help you restore the balance of vitality, relieve tension and enjoy the beneficial harmony of body and mind.

- Foot massage:

taking care of your feet, they deserve only the best. Gentle touches of our specialists will relieve fatigue, improve blood circulation and give the legs a fresh start.

Make a gift to your body and soul - let you plunge into the world of complete relaxation and harmony with the "Sea Energy" program. Forget about all worries and discover true pleasure.

- Improves blood circulation, sleep quality and mood

- Makes skin soft and smooth

- Increases energy levels

- Reduces stress

- Relieves pain

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