"Royal Pleasure"

1. Peeling 60 min
2. Wrap 30 min
3. Oil massage 60 min
4. Massage with hot herbal ball compresses 30 min
5. Complex skin care (make-up remover, cleansing, peeling, massage, mask) 60 min
6. Foot massage 30 min

One of the important functions of the skin is the excretory. Water and salt, a fat-like substance and cholesterol, some products of metabolism (proteins, uric acid, etc.) are excretedthrough the skin.

The program includes:

- Bathing in a hammam:

Turkey hammam - spa treatments in Almaty | Thai SPA PattayaSpa.kz

with bath specialist (steam bath relieves stress, improves mood)

- Wrapping with detox effect:

Wrapping in Almaty - spa treatmetns | Thai SPA PattayaSpa.kz

continued cleansing the deeper layers of the skin, at the same time restoring moisture balance and providing skin care body

- Oil massage:

Oil massage in Almaty | Thai SPA PattayaSpa.kz

- Hot compresses applied many centuries:

Massage with hot thai herbal ball in Almaty | SPA treatments PattayaSpa.kz

- delicate scrub

Scrubbing in Almaty | Thai SPA PattayaSpa.kz

for the face due to the gentle consistency without irritating the skin, easily cleans pores, smoothes and polishes;

- relaxing face massage

Toning face massage in Almaty | Thai SPA PattayaSpa.kz

smooths wrinkles and slows the aging process;

- rejuvenating mask prevents the formation of wrinkles, tightens pores

- Foot massage - relieves pain:

Foot massage Almaty | Thai SPA PattayaSpa.kz

Reflexology helps to restore lost internal balance by influencing all internal organs through biologically active points located on the foot.

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