“Detox Express”

One of the important functions of the skin is the excretory. Water and salt, a fat-like substance and cholesterol, some products of metabolism (proteins, uric acid, etc.) are excretedthrough the skin. Detox programs allow cleaning the deep layers of the skin and ridding the body of toxins.

The program includes:

- bathing in a hammam:

Turkey hammam - spa treatments in Almaty | Thai SPA PattayaSpa.kz

with bath specialist (steam bath relieves stress, improves mood)

- thai massage:

Thai massage - spa treatments in Almaty | Thai SPA PattayaSpa.kz

- gives vigor

- relieves tension, reduces pain;

- resulting in skin tone, improves skin elasticity, helps to cleanse and rejuvenate;

Regular Thai massage treatments will make you forget about stress and tension, help to stay in good shape, to regain a feeling of lightness and unforgettable comfort.

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