1. Peeling 60 min
2. Wrapping 30 min
3. Aroma massage 60 min
4. Thai massage 60 min
5. Massage with hot herbal ball compresses 30 min
6. Complex facial skin care 60 min

One of the important functions of the skin is the excretory. Water and salt, a fat-like substance and cholesterol, some products of metabolism (proteins, uric acid, etc.) are excretedthrough the skin.

The program includes:

- Bathing in a hammam:

Turkey hammam - spa treatments in Almaty | Thai SPA PattayaSpa.kz

with bath specialist (steam bath relieves stress, improves mood)

- Wrapping with detox effect:

Wrapping in Almaty - spa treatmetns | Thai SPA PattayaSpa.kz

continued cleansing the deeper layers of the skin, at the same time restoring moisture balance and providing skin care body

Massage will relieve you from insomnia and general fatigue, and oils will soften and moisturize the skin. Aroma massage will give you complete relaxation and relieves accumulated tension.

Massage with moisturizing skin | Thai SPA PattayaSpa.kz

Thai massage restores mobility in the joints of the limbs and spine, activates the major muscle groups and energy channels of the body, and promotes weight loss and rejuvenation.

Thai traditional massage in Almaty | Thai SPA PattayaSpa.kz

Oil massage and Thai massage are supplemented by a healing massage with hot herbal balls.

Thai Herbal Ball Massage - spa treatments in Almaty | Thai SPA PattayaSpa.kz

Natural and effective anti-aging program.

Thai massage in Almaty - spa treatments in Almaty | Thai SPA PattayaSpa.kz

The use of massage oils beneficially effects on the skin, massage with hot ball compresses restores the muscle’s elasticity, Thai massage returns vitality.

Comprehensive facial treatment

Toning face massage in Almaty | Thai SPA PattayaSpa.kz

Light cleansing facial treatment. While you are relaxing, the master will make you a scrub, then a massage and the whole program will end with a face mask. This is the time to relax and enjoy gentle touches. Your face will look refreshed, brightened and hydrated.

Facial massage is performed with a nourishing massage cream with hyaluronic acid.

Massage is aimed at relaxing mimic muscles, smoothing fine wrinkles.

First make-up removal, then cleansing, scrubbing, massage and face mask.

• make-up removal and cleansing, two mandatory steps of competent cleansing - help remove makeup residues

• Scrubbing gently cleanses pores, improves skin texture and makes the face smoother. And creams and masks applied to the face after the scrub will work more effectively.

• facial massage relaxes, improves blood circulation, lymph outflow, increases skin turgor during the course and our Thai masseuses will do everything to get you maximum relaxation.

• face mask will help fight dryness and dehydration of the skin, hide the fatigue of the face.

All cosmetics are hypoallergenic and suitable for sensitive skin.

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