Thai massage and vital energy

Thai massage and vital energy | Thai SPA

Traditional Thai massage - is an effective healing system of the body. Knowing the rules of affecting the muscles and tendons, using knowledge of acupuncture points and their relation to the functioning of all organs, a skilled master will restore the mobility of joints, activates all groups of muscles, will allow to develop poor blood circulation.

The main advantages of Thai massage as follows:

  • promotes the flow of vital energy;
  • gives the body ease and health;
  • stimulates the process of weight loss and rejuvenation.

Thai salon - the tradition of the ancient healers.

Thai massage practiced the ancient method of healing, which is a passive yoga techniques and streching. The master uses the alternation of rhythmic pressing, soft stretching, and gentle twisting, ensuring full contact with the muscles of the client and making work his energy channels.

Pattaya SPA – classic thai massage

Cherishing the wisdom of ancient healers, spa masters will perform Thai massage and release your body from stiffness, remove energy blocks. Procedure of Thai massage performed on a mat in special clothing – client and master should feel themselves comfortable and convenient. During the massage the muscles are warmed up, worked out each joint, any centimeter of the body does not remain without attention.

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