Thai cuisine

Any traveler knows that the most famous cuisine in the world is Thai cuisine. Its formation occurred as synthesis of Chinese, Indian and Portuguese cuisines, with the specificity and national character. Thai food due to all traditions of the East combines sweet and sour dishes.

There is no understanding of hunger in Thailand, because of the abundance of fruit, herbs. Thais eat fish, meat, vegetables and fruit. In Thailand widely used spices and hot peppers Chili. That is why almost all Thai cuisine is spicy, with strong aroma.

Thais don't use knives during the meal – products are cut into small pieces in advance. All the ingredients are fried or cooked for a short time, but overall the cooking takes considerable amount of time.

Each dish will be prepared by own chef style, and even two absolutely identical dishes will be cooked with different spices, and their cooking will be even take different amounts of time. There are no common standard of cooking methods in Thailand. Also during the meal, the Thais do not adhere to the strict rules how to serve dishes, usually served warm. They usually eat fruits after the meal.

For preparing classic Thai meal, you may require up to 40 spices. Even at breakfast, local chefs can offer the dish with pepper. Thai food is often steamed.

Thai dishes

The main staple food in Thailand is rice, which Thai people eat on a daily basis. Most often used long rice. The second most important food product – several types of noodle: thin rice, thick, rich, yellow egg.

Thais also eat soups. Most often they are consumed simultaneously with other dishes. Vegetables are not added in soup (just the broth with herbs, spices and sometimes noodles or rice).

As in any country, located by the sea, you can find popular fish/seafood dishes. Usually the fish is served whole, just only purified from the scales.

In Thailand, meat is considered as a luxury. It is served with vegetables, rice, noodles, but almost never in its pure form. Poultry meat is also eaten, especially the chicken. Most of Thai cuisine consists of the dishes with Thai curry. In fact, it is liquid sauce based on curry paste. In Thailand, almost every liquid dish is a curry.

Street food in Thailand is always on quite high quality. The difference from the restaurant dish is only that it is prepared in advance.

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