Benefits of Thai massage

Benefits of Thai massage - spa in Almaty | Thai SPA

Pattaya SPA is unique not only with range of service, but also with opportunity to stay in an ecologically clean area. We are located in the heart of the landscape area, namely, in the foothills of Zaili Alatau Mountains.

Why you should visit us?

Visiting the SPA in Almaty | Thai SPA

It is necessary from time to time to give your body the rest, for that we advise you to visit Thai massage salon, because here you can relax your soul and body. Each client can plunge into an exotic world of pleasure created by the pleasant atmosphere, heavenly music, friendly service, and of course, professional massage.

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Our SPA salon creates for you only pleasant sensation from massage treatments.

In addition to massages and SPA-treatments, in the salon you can feel the taste of all the delights of Eastern techniques of healing the body and spirit. Thai wisdom says that the body needs to regenerate from the inside. And this is facilitated by herbal ball compresses, known in Thailand as a multifunctional tool.

Apart from Thai balls, green tea helps to eliminate ailments inside, made by traditional Thai recipes. In combination with, the massage can enhance the healing power.

Girls who dream to lose weight through massage, green tea and other treatments will see the desired result in accelerated mode. And high-end tea, due to its beneficial properties, capable of real magic.


"Recreation Center" Pattaya SPA in Almaty | Thai SPA

impeccable ecology is useful for people with respiratory disease (asthma).

Only mountain air can get to the depths of the body, and act in a positive way.

Visiting the salon «Pattaya SPA» once, our guests receive incredible benefits of massage, SPA, health systems, which allow you:

- to eliminate the disease, that caused the stress, bustle of the city,

- to improve blood circulation and work of the musculoskeletal system,

- to get rid of the problems caused from the fault of eating disorders , which leads to physical changes in the body,

- and, just for the rest, that is necessary for everyone.

The list of advantages can be continued indefinitely. But, as they say: It´s better to see once than hear a hundred times.

Welcome to our "Centre of rest"!

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